Having fees vary by exam and by number of exams

If your school charges a different fee for a particular exam (for example, AP Research or AP Seminar) AND your school also has fees vary by the number of exams taken, you will need to configure the different exam fee in a specific way. You should select Fee Varies by Number of Exams in your Fee Calculations window, enter the varying fees for each exam and click Save.

You will then need to create a custom question in your Manage Custom Questions window. The custom question will ask the student if he/she is taking the exam with the different fee (for example, "Are you registering for AP Research or AP Seminar?"). Select Multiple Choice for the question type with possible answers of "Yes" or "No." Once you have created and saved the custom question, contact Support at Total Registration and we will configure the fee to attach to that question when a student answers "yes."

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