Adding fees after Students register

You can manually add additional fees to a student's record when needed by going to the Report Center and opening the View/Enter/Edit Payments/Waivers report. Click the Record/Edit link for the student and then click the Add Fee button.

NOTE: You cannot add exam fees to an individual student's record. Skip to "Adding Additional Fees when Editing a Student's Exams" at the bottom of this page for more information about adding exams and their fees.


The Record Fee section of the window will open and you can enter the amount of the additional fee, fee type (late, admin, cancellation, other, etc), exam type (AP, PSAT, IB), and a note. You must enter a note in the Note field in order for the additional fee to be recorded.


Once you record the additional fee, you can click to view the student's detailed record again and will see the new fee listed in the Fee Details section.



Adding Additional Fees when Editing a Student's Exams

You can also add additional fees to a student's account while editing the student's exams. If you want to add an additional exam fee to a student's record, you must first add the exam to the record on the first page of this process. Click the student's name from any of your reports and then click Edit Student's Exams at the top of the pop-up screen.

If you need to add an exam for the student, do so on this screen. If you want to add an additional fee other than an exam fee, scroll to the bottom and click Next to advance to the second screen. 

You can enter a fee next to a specific exam for an alternate exam fee, or add any additional fees under the Fee Details section on this screen, and then click Finalize Changes to save.

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