Configuring payment options

Schools have the ability to set-up what kinds of payments are accepted for the exams. TR has found that it is very helpful to give families clear guidance regarding the forms of payment accepted.

Currency Symbol:

This is the symbol TR will use throughout the site. For U.S. schools this should be $.

Payment Types Accepted

This primarily refers to the types of payments that are accepted at school.  Credit or Debit Card Online will automatically be selected for schools that have set-up online payment processing. Schools have the ability to select from standard payment options TR has configured as well as custom configured options. To create a custom option, enter the payment type in the white text field. To use more than one custom option, click the Add More link to add another custom field. You may create as many custom options as you desire.

Payment Processing

TR has several options in terms of online payments.

  • No Online Payment - All payments will be collected at school. This is the standard option for TR's registration. Students will print a confirmation and return it to school with their payment. Schools will need to receipt the payment according to district policy and record the payment in TR. TR has created two simple utilities to record payments. Recording payments allows the system to keep track of who still needs to pay. There is a utility in TR for schools to send emails to students with a balance due.
  • Total Registration Sells Exams - TR offers an option where schools elect for TR to sell the exams.  With this option, all students will purchase their exams from Total Registration, either online with a debit or credit card or by mail with a personal check, cashier's check or money order. This option removes all the payments from school as TR will process, receipt and record all payments. TR will purchase exams from schools on a monthly basis.  This option is extremely convenient for families as they can pay their fees online on the registration site, without visiting another web store. Since TR sells the exams, schools do not need to set-up a merchant account and gateway, saving set-up fees and monthly fees. 
    • The cost of this option is 4.0% ($1.10 minimum) of the fees students pay. Most school pass the cost of this convenience on to families by increasing the exam cost.
    • Schools using this option need to provide information for where the monthly checks need to be mailed
  • Merchant Account Integration using - TR can interface with a school or district's merchant account (account that accepts credit cards) using either the or USAePay gateways (a gateway is needed for schools to accept online payments). Students will enter their payment information on the preview page of the registration site. Before the registration is complete, TR will send the payment information to the gateway for authorization. If the transaction is approved, the registration is completed. Since the school's or district's merchant account is used, funds will be directly deposited into the bank account associated with the merchant account.

You can also direct students to your school's webstore to make an online payment by choosing No Online Payment and then following the steps described in "Adding Payment Link to Registration."

Merchant Name

For some of the interfaces, Total Registration will send a credit card receipt to the cardholder. For other interfaces, the payment processor sends the receipt. In the case that TR sends the receipt, schools will need to enter the merchant name (please check with your merchant account provider) so that families can be aware of how the transaction will appear on their monthly statement. This helps remove confusion and the possibility of cardholders disputing a transaction.

Convenience Fee

Some interfaces allow schools to charge a convenience fee for payments made online. These convenience fees can be calculated per transaction or per exam. TR does not recommend using convenience fees as they tend to discourage families from paying online. If schools need to cover some of the processing cost, it is better to increase the exam cost and have all students pay the same amount whether they pay online or pay at school. This model increases the number of payments online.

Credit Cards Accepted

Some of the interfaces require that schools inform TR regarding the cards accepted. Some cards are more expensive to process so schools/districts sometimes elect to not accept all cards when they set-up their merchant account.  It is important that TR knows which cards are accepted so that families may only choose from these cards when paying.

Partial Payments

Schools using Total Registration's payment processing for AP exams can configure a partial payments option. Total Registration will charge a $2.75 fee for each payment made less than the remaining balance. For example, if a family makes two payments they will be charged one partial payment fee as the first payment is less than the amount due and the second is equal to the outstanding balance.  The processing fee for partial payments is paid to TR (the school does not receive this fee) and is non-refundable.  Schools have the ability to set the minimum allowable payment, either a total amount or the minimum per exam, limiting the number of payments a family can make.

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