Recording batch payments

For schools not using online payment options, you can record payments and access payment information in the View/Enter/Edit Payments/Fees/Refunds page in the Finances section Report Center. TR's system is designed to keep track of multiple payments so in each of our payment entry forms you will enter the amount of the current payment which will automatically be added to any payment that was previously made. There are three ways to enter payment:

Batch Payment

If you have a large number of payments to enter and your data is alphabetized by student's last name use the Batch Payment Entry form found in the Report Center. This method is by far the fastest as you do not need to open and close a window for each payment. We strongly recommend using this method. This method gives you the option of displaying all students or only those with a payment discrepancy. You have the ability to enter the following:

  • Amount of Payment
  • Payment Note
  • Payment Method - check, cash, money order, cashier's check, cc, other
  • Exam Type
  • Check Number
  • Waiver Amount
    • for free/reduced lunch students
    • students receiving financial scholarships
  • A Waiver Note - text to remind you about some special case.  This is especially helpful for students with fee waivers.

Individual Payments

If you need to enter payments for just a few students you can use the View/Enter/Edit Payments/Fees/Refunds page under Finances/Payment section of the Report Center. This report will allow you to search by a student's name, ID or reference #. you can use just a few characters to search. If you leave the fields blank, all the students will be displayed. This report will display all of the fee information and previous payment information. You may enter the following information:

  • Amount of this Payment - This amount will be added to any previous payments. The system keeps track of the running total.
  • Check Number - Keep track of the check number used for payment. for multiple checks separate them with a comma.
  • Type of Payment - The amount can be a Payment, Waiver, or Correction.
  • Payment Method - check, cash, money order, cashier's check, cc, other
  • Exam Type - The exam type can be AP, PSAT or IB.
  • Fee Note - Any notes about the payments or fees.

From the Discrepancy Report

The payment form described above can be launched from the discrepancy report by clicking "Enter Payment".

Payment Entry Error

Click on this article which explains how to correct payment errors.

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