Configuring AP Special Fee Waivers

There are many ways of configuring fee waivers for AP exams beyond the typical free/reduced lunch fee waiver or financial assistance. Some schools offer fee waivers for all students in a certain grade, while others may offer the first STEM exam free or all students in a certain grade taking a particular exam. When your school needs to identify students who need a fee waiver outside of Free/Reduced Lunch and/or Financial Assistance, you can use the Special Waiver Approval Process, which is found on the Fee Calculations screen within the configuration. 

You can ask any question needed to identify a particular group of students and request clarification in the secondary question if needed. Any student who answers YES to the Special Waiver question during their initial registration will be placed on a pending list seen on your dashboard and will not be able to make a payment through Total Registration or receive registration confirmation until you take action on their pending request. In the below example, we configured the Special Waiver to ask students if they are a certain grade level taking a particular type of exam. This way all 11th- and 12th-grade students taking at least two STEM exams can receive one STEM exam for free. 


You can access the pending list on your dashboard and verify each student's fee waivers and/or Free/Reduced status before approving their request for a special fee waiver.


Once you click the pending link on your dashboard, you will see all students who are currently pending action on their special waiver request. You can click Manage Waivers to verify or edit that student's fee waivers.


In this example, Judy Smith is an 11th grader taking at least two STEM exams and has not requested free/reduced lunch waivers or financial assistance. If a student answers YES to the Free/Reduced Lunch question or the Financial Assistance question, those boxes will be checked at the top of this screen. You can uncheck them if the student should not receive those fee waivers. If this student should not receive any special fee waivers (i.e. Judy is a 10th grader who mistakenly marked 11th grade), you can uncheck the Approve check box next to the Special Waiver question, click Next, and click Approve to the full fees being displayed. The student will not receive any fee waivers.

If the student should receive special fee waivers, you can edit the Current Registration area as needed. You can enter the special waiver fee amount in the Special Waiver column for the STEM exam and even add a note if desired. You can also add a late fee or administrative fee in the Misc Fees area if needed. Once you click Next, you will see a verification screen to double-check all fees, waivers, and balance due from the student.


Once you have verified and approved the fees and waivers for that student, he/she will receive their confirmation email and can make an online payment if your school is using Total Registration for payment processing.

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