Setting up Teachers

Linking a teacher to an exam for AP and/or IB services is a two-step process:

1. Adding Teachers into the System

First, teachers must be added into the system.  This is done by going to the service menu and clicking Manage/Set-up Teachers.  This page will list the current teachers in the system.  To add teachers click Add a Teacher in the upper right-hand corner.  Adding a teacher is as simple as inputting their Title, First Name, Last Name, and Email.  If you desire to add multiple teachers, click the Add More Teachers link to add additional entries.  Once the information is provided, click the Add Teacher button. 

You can click the Compose & Send Teachers Activation Emails to have the system send each pending teacher an activation link that will allow them to activate their login.  Teachers logins will allow them to edit their profile as well as access rosters for the exams that you have linked them to.  This is a great way for teachers to stay apprised of registration so they can encourage students to register.

In subsequent years, the teachers that have been input will remain in the system, requiring only the new teachers to be added.

2. Linking Teachers to Exams

Teachers that exist in the system can be linked to the exams at  Manage/Set-up Exams => Manage Exams => Edit Exam or Add  Exam.  To link a teacher to an exam, select the teacher in the drop-down selection box.  If a particular exam involves multiple teachers, you can add additional teachers by clicking one Add Another Row.  You can link as many teachers as necessary.  You will also need to select at least one period for each teacher and enter the College Board-assigned Join Code for that teacher and period.  You can click as many periods the teacher has.  To add another period when editing, click on some white space in the "periods" box for that teacher.


To remove a particular teacher/periods/join code, click the X.  To remove the first teacher you will need to choose a different teacher or choose "Select Teacher" in the teacher drop-down menu.


You may find the below video from a previously recorded webinar helpful:


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