Cancelling/Deleting an AP or IB exam for a student

There are two ways to cancel an exam registration for a student:

  • Students can log in to Once logged in, students can request an exam cancellation. After they have requested a cancellation, the request will show on the Exam Coordinator's home page or in the Manage Student Requests in the Students section of the Report Center. Here you can approve a cancellation. When approving the cancellation, you will be asked if there is a cancellation fee for this request. Once approved, the exam will be dropped (removed from the rosters), the fee will be canceled and any cancellation fee will be applied. If this student requires a refund, you can record a refund using the Record a Refund help item or from the Over Paid report.
  • Exam Coordinators can also cancel an exam registration directly by editing a student's record. To do so, follow these steps:
    1. Click on a student's name in most any report in the AP or IB Report Center.
    2. Click the Edit Student's Exams link up near the header.
    3. When in the edit mode, scroll down to the exam listings. Here you can edit an exam to change it to Dropped and click Next at the bottom of the page.
    4. The next page will allow you to enter or edit any necessary cancellation fees (the cancellation fee is the amount the school retains).
    5. Click Finalize Changes to complete the edit.

NOTE: Coordinators can bulk cancel multiple students in a single AP exam by following the steps at Bulk Cancel AP Exams. 

As above, the exam will be dropped and fees will be recorded. If this student requires a refund, you can easily record a refund from the Over Paid report (there is a link on your dashboard when there are overpaid students).

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